Palred Technologies Ltd, a publicly owned company that was established in 1999 and has its beliefs laid on creativity, maintenance and upgradation of information systems and processes. It is listed on both Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

Palred Technologies was earlier known as Four Soft Technologies Ltd, world’s largest Logistics and Transportation Software Product Company. Four Soft had its operations across the globe, in over 11 countries, catering to 500 customers with 1000 people employed.

In 2014, the name Four Soft was changed to Palred Technologies with a shift in the nature of business and also with a diversified portfolio. It’s primary area of businesses are:

  • eCommerce
  • Information Technology
  • Media & Entertainment

A. A techno based online retail, the very first in India, started with a vision to serve all and sundries, desiring for the latest techno brands under one roof! The belief is to provide you with the most awesome products at the most awesome prices! At, quality and customer satisfaction are the most essential criteria and for that it has a “return & refund” policy. For the customer’s complete trust, it provides all products under warranty (both manufacturer and in-house). It takes customers reviews and comments seriously and works on that extensively. So, the primary aim is to deliver exemplary service!

B. It is custom-made for an individual’s requirement by providing smarter solutions of saving one’s money by a method of comparison. The market provides various options to a potential customer, be it banking account, insurance schemes, loan offers and many products of such nature. An individual has every option to get dazzled and indecisive. The motto of our business is to provide a comparable data sheet to the customers, so that it helps them compare such services with just a click away. Why to waste your time and money by making a lame choice, follow because we will save you money!

C. Great indian It is a dose of online entertainment that one can never forget! Be it song, dance, beauty pageant, stand-up comedy, you got the lucky chance to upload it on! How? By simply uploading your video! We will take it further with our panel of experts and provide you a wing of art by allowing your videos to be viral, hence making you famous! Git stands for Great Indian Talent.

Middleware: Business without a free-flow process is redundant. The same goes with the systems that it follows. In-order for the communication to be generated to the next level, a decoder of some sort is required. The decoder that integrates one level of communication to another is Middleware.

Palred Technologies aims to remove such redundancies in communication by its Middleware services. It will be available in two versions- Commercial and Community Driven (Open Source).

B. Master Data Management (MDM): Data in an enterprise is the most relevant source of information! To control, manage and filter the data is the most vital aspect of business. Master Data Management takes this vital point into consideration and helps in creating an unique and filtered data for any new system.

Palred MDM aims to fulfill this unique translation of information in a business.

A. Palred Stores: Built on an open source solution, Apache, Palred Store is a place where solution is at your finger tip! You have a business idea but not a system support! Don’t bother yourself, carry on with your brilliant business idea while we help you built your systems. Palred Stores provide system & process solutions for such business with a click of the mouse! Being customer-centric and customized is our only aim.

Case Study: The recent and the entirely successful venture of Palred Stores is From the building of the website’s layout, finding befitting solutions, developing applications for the site’s functioning and catering to its intricate business through our processes, we can proudly say that Palred Stores has been commendable.

B. Media & Entertainment Business

Our Competency

At Palred Technologies our team’s prime motto of working collectively to achieve Goal, is the key factor in bringing team members together. This is the strength that drives our team to resolve issues with mutual co operation.This strong team spirit is one of the reasons behind maintaining a positive and motivating work atmosphere

We show our value to our clients in the relationship that we maintain with them and in providing satisfying technological solutions. We collect customer feedback, for us to assist in analyzing our growth and in decision making.

At Palred Technologies, we make the most effective use of our resources to optimize our productivity. Our teamwork and team spirit plays a significant role in managing resources appropriately.

Palred Technologies displays a corporate culture and attitude, that is worth catching. It Provides a feeling of trust and inculcates positive perception of Life among its employees and clients.

Our targets are Specific and time bound. We create, and follow strategies that inspire a sense of belonging among team members. Our work is streamlined in accomplishing our goals within a predefined time.

Every phase in our projects is designed and tested efficiently to ensure quality. Our expert team has commendable skill in designing and testing, aiming at delivery of quality product. Critical phases of projects are taken special care.

Palred Technologies believes in quick and effective ways of learning by using prototypes. Before a project is put into work, we ensure that each member of team is clear and confident on the content and design of a project.

We determine stakeholder’s needs, negotiate a solution, and ensure it fulfills a business and/ or organization requirement.